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Our guiding principles are a cohesive set of beliefs, grounded in effective practice, that govern actions, shapes our attitude and intentions for the work we do in delivering quality sessions to the girls upon or/and through puberty. Our guiding principles offer a foundation upon which we build our programs and sessions, collaboration. They provide us with a system of checks and balance. They assist us in responding to situation or issues that may occur within a group dynamic.

Our guiding principles are:

Compassion: The ability to sense the suffering of others and myself + desire to alleviate the suffering not as a rescuer but through the practice of deep listening to initiate healing. This is a corner stone for self-esteem and worth development.

 Awareness: Of processes going within ourselves, and within systems and cultures we are part of: awareness emotions, of dynamics, of our needs, of our connection to nature.

Gratitude: supports and deepens our relationship with ourselves, each others and all living things. Act as a reminder with all things going well on Earth. This practice helps to create balance in our inner lives.

Reverence for the interdependent and cyclical web of life: we are all connected and through our belief we aim to act in a way that sustain balance in our lives and the cultures within which we live. We are part of one whole. Every interaction is valuable and an invitation to presence and learning.

Our aims with our Girls Circles

  • Develop a sense of connection and belonging with the Women in their lives and the world. Discover how different cultures respond to menstruation and puberty differently.

  • Develop a positive body image of themselves that can support our girls throughout their lives.

  • Have a sound understanding of their body and emotions - the cyclical nature of life.

  • Increase confidence in a group setting

  • Identify taboos living within Women and Girls

  • Finding  their voice.


Our objectives within a Girls' Circles are:

  • Learn about the changes occurring during puberty

  • Learning  in depth about the menstrual cycle: physically, emotionally and socially.

  • Apply attention to creativity via different medium to support our learning objectives

  • Practise storytelling in listening and sharing

  • Experience sharing in a circle within a strong and safe container. Feeling heard and understand the principles of deep listening.

  • Experience what it feels like to be part of a non-judgmental, non-directive and inclusive space.

  • develop tools together to dismantle taboos and recognising the different manifestation of shaming and blaming between Women and Girls and where it is rooted from.


Victoria Dufour-Cox is a menstrual cycle awareness educator and facilitator for girls and women as well as a Forest School leader. Mother of one.

Victoria has trained with:

Katharine Krueger through her program Journey of a Young Women in 2016; bringing structure and on-going support.

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer through Red School's Women's Quest Apprenticeship in 2017; bringing a map of deeper understanding of the processes alive by creating the menstrual awareness lexicon.

Jane Bennett through her Celebration Days for Girls facilitation program in 2018; bringing a format within which Girls can explore the menstrual cycle within a safe space and bringing on-going support.

And I am sending my deepest gratitude to Mandy Adams and all Women who sat in circle with me over the years; who by sharing their stories, supported me in my development as a Women, Mother and Mentor, has allowed me to this day, to deepen my relationship with my menstrual cycle, keeping this relationship evolving through the ages and rites of passage I am going through, I grow with each day of awareness.

This is the power of the Feminine in action.


Victoria's work is rooted in her inquiry in her own awareness of her menstrual cycle and the positive effect this awareness has on how she interacts with life as well as her love for our natural environment. 

Victoria is passionate about girls receiving support and knowledge allowing them an educated choice and an empowered start on their journey to adulthood. With this work, Victoria is stepping up as a mentor for her community.

(DBS checked)


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