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menstrual cycle awareness for all


An introduction to the day

Our program adopts a progressive approach to puberty education, blending research-based holistic methods with traditional wisdom. The aim is to spark curiosity, instil wonder, and cultivate an appreciation for the female body, embracing the changes that come with puberty, including the onset of menstruation.

Whether the children have already started their period or not, this day serves as the ideal platform for them to step into their journey to adulthood. Recognising the significance of a child’s first period, we understand that this experience can shape their future body image, self-esteem, and confidence. By comprehending their body during this crucial time, the young people can mature into adults who trust and honour their own bodies.



For Mothers

  • Defining Menarche & the Menarcheal years: signs, average age of Menarche & significance

  • Exploring how to support your daughter as she enters her adolescent years

  • Understanding the dynamics between mothers-daughters around that age

  • Gathering practical ways to celebrate your daughter’s first periods: Menarche ceremony

  • Looking at how your own experience of menarche influences how you view your daughter’s first bleed

  • Exploring your own relationship to your menstrual cycle & menstruation - (important exploration even if you may not have a menstrual cycle)

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For Daughters

  • Changing bodies, physiology of the menstrual cycle and its interconnectedness with the rest of the body

  • What happens during the pre & Menarche stages of development and what to expect to notice, feel and sense within their body and emotions

  • Practical ways to manage periods with a demonstration of a wide range of menstrual products

  • What is Cycle Awareness

  • Feelings and questions brought by participants

  • Engaging in mindful activities, fun crafts and games, while learning about puberty in an empowering way in a fun and relaxed environment


For Mothers & Daughters

  • Strengthening the bond between mother-daughter

  • Witnessing and honouring the changes your daughter/child is going through; noticing their wonderful qualities and strengths

  • Sharing stories of inspirational women and your own menarche story

  • Experiencing being part of a  women and girls supportive circle

  • ​Normalising talking openly about periods and puberty with friends and adults

  • Giving context to different experiences of living with a menstrual cycle

  • Engaging openly in honouring Menarche as a special time (rite of passage)

  • Growing understanding and acceptance of different needs around menstruation

  • Celebrating who we are as people living with a menstrual cycle

mother & daughter relationship

What to expect

Upcoming dates for our Celebration Days for Girls