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Fathers Celebrating Daughters

Fathers hold an important role in their daughters right of passage.

Fathers Celebrating Daughters was created by Jane Bennett in response to the requests of men wanting to understand and support their daughters through their tween and teen years, especially in a climate of parenting advice that has tended to diminish a father’s role or offer only the most general homilies.

During this day workshop, you will find out what the role of a father figure needs to bring to daughters going through puberty to allow a nurturing transition from child to adolescent to young adult.

We cover: 

  • Understanding and supporting girl’s changes of puberty and menarche

  • What is A Celebration Day for Girls, and what is a father’s role at this time?

  • Understanding and mitigating the sexualisation of girls by media, advertising and the online world, including pornography

  • Supporting self esteem, positive body image and healthy relationships

  • How to share your values with your daughter, and listen to hers

  • How to share a positive, respectful, loving and connected view of sex

  • PMS, menstruation, cramps – helping girls toward menstrual wellbeing

  • 101 ways to staying connected and relevant to your daughter, and enjoy each other’s company!


' My biggest take away is being able to have theses discussions with other females with openness.

I am massively grateful for the opportunity & hope this work gets through to as many dads as possible.'

~ James ~

'The questions you used at the beginning were seriously illuminating. Understanding my own history - how little I knew/was told about puberty'


'A superbly well facilitated, informative and helpful session. Thank you.

~ J. ~

' So much to think about that I thought I was already au fait with, but really, honestly, wasn't. I hate talking in groups - I'm just one of those people though I didn't feel under pressure.'

~ R. ~

A successful and happy adolescence
entails hundreds of conversations about
what matters, who you are and what
you stand for.
Steve Biddulph

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