The layers through which we travel...

March the 20th Spring Equinox - full moon - Day 1.

Three life cycles that I step through simultaneously: a portal. Today I feel the power of life with all its contradictions.

Earth's energy is rising, vibrating higher with each day. Birds songs are full of promised love. Leaves are bursting forth and nothing seems in the way of this life's energy itself.

My body is sinking deeper with each hour as the flow builds up, tension felt in my belly, retreating into my inner realm.

It is important for me to be aware of nature's cycles beyond the one nestled in my being, as mine and earth's cycle are mirrors of each other and a reminder that we are made as a whole. Today I am holding the mirror opposite of what the land is unfolding.

My body, a vessel, holding winter's qualities within so that balance remains.

Composting last cycle experiences to better bring my essence to this world when my own inner Spring energy will surge.

Before building awareness, sitting as the polar opposite, would have frightened me, feeling death as inevitable. Now with wisdom build cycles after cycles, I can let go without a worry in the world that death brings rebirth. I can mine peacefully from within the wisdom required for this cycle to unfold.

My inner nature and outer nature are one; today I am carrier of the feminine wisdom whilst nature carries the masculine energy to bring on fertility.

nature & me as one

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