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menstrual cycle awareness

Discovering our inner cycle

Menstrual cycle awareness offers  a new perception through which we can forge a relationship with ourselves & others and the natural world; through its wisdom, our innate wisdom, we can heal and empower ourselves, reclaiming our 'response-ability'.

 It allows us to create an inclusive & safe container for our inquiry.

We deserve to reconnect with what we are, and it is our daughters' birth right to be initiated and mentored with this knowledge.

At nature & me, we explore the whole menstrual cycle, we go beyond the main stream status quo which stops at period. Our menstrual cycle is our feedback loop, with one phase feeding the next.

We are available to create bespoke sessions and open to collaboration for your needs, being for

  •     Individuals

  •     Children groups

  •     Adult groups

  •     Celebration Day for Girls - Preparing girls for their first period.

  •     Menarche party - organising a party when a girl has had her first period (this is always organised in partnership with the girl in question)

  •     Family bounding sessions (mother-daughter & father-daughter)

  •     Father's workshop - fathers will receive information about the menstrual cycle and how best support the women in their lives.

  •     Talks about being a cyclical women in the work place.

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