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Group Menstrual Cycle Coaching

Focus on the different expressions of power in your menstrual cycle.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Online Meeting

Service Description

This option is ideal if you would like to do this exploration with others. There is a lot to gain from doing group exploration as each person brings a different experience that enriches the conversation and coaching process. Living your Menstrual Journey with Confidence, Care & Compassion for menstruators and young women from the age of 15 + Over the course of three cycles, we'll dive deep into your personal experience of living with your menstrual cycle. We'll decode the messages it's sending you, both emotionally and physiologically, and learn how to harness its power to navigate life's ups and downs. This coaching is for you if: - you are aged between 15 - 35 years of age - you want to learn about your body to help you make an informed choice before going on contraception - You have a menstrual cycle (regular or irregular) - you have received a medical diagnostic related to your menstrual cycle - you are having a hard time in a certain phases of your menstrual cycle - you are interested in developing your power of agency as a person living with a menstrual cycle - You are feeling a sense of shame living with a menstrual cycle and having periods - you want support communicating your symptoms and needs with health professionals I do not currently support women going through their menopause because I have not yet gone through this rite of passage threshold myself. COACHING AVAILABILITY I am currently holding two rounds of group coaching this year, to ensure participants are all able to start on the same date: 7th May - 23rd July 1st Sept - 17th December COACHING DETAILS: You will receive 12 coaching sessions in total, held in weekly 1h 30 sessions over a 3 month period. The sessions will take place via Zoom. As part of the booking process, you will select either 7th May or 3rd September as the date of your first session. Commitment to the 12 sessions is paramount in this process. If financial commitment is a barrier, you have an option of either paying in full or via weekly instalments over the 12 weeks. Both of these options are available at no extra charge and can be accessed when booking.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation: No refund or rescheduling for sessions not attended without 24hrs prior notice. We may be able to move the session to another day but I cannot guarantee this due to my commitment to others. If for any reason I cancel the coaching session, a rescheduled session will be organised. We have a strict policy for cancellation to encourage commitment and participation. If you are under 18, there will be some parental involvement at the beginning & end of the coaching process.

Contact Details

8 The Nurseries, Falmouth, UK


Cycles of Influence

Zooming out to better zoom in on systems at play in our lives that influences our menstrual cycle living. Containing thoughts, teachings, beliefs and rants with resources, links and a few PSs.

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